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I'm Kelly Barron Snow, parent of a future Rondout Valley student dedicated to ensuring we have a thriving learning community by creating an enriching educational journey.

In my time as an Usborne consultant, I worked to create bridges between schools and homes with a focus on early education.

I have also garnered several years of classroom experience at my child’s nursery school by working as a substitute teacher, guest teacher for culture days, volunteer, and as a Parent Council member.

I am especially joyous when coaching AYSO soccer and serving on the Rondout Soccer Club board as the marketing director.



7:00 AM - 9:00 PM





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I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT QUALITY EDUCATION I believe quality education is paramount to building and sustaining a productive and peaceful community.

I am deeply committed to ensuring that our local children receive an equitable, diverse, and robust educational experience, thus providing our students the foundation to excel and succeed as adults.

Developmentally driven teaching approaches make for a learning environment with the students at the core. When we provide our educators with the tools and support they need, they can focus on the heart of their work.

I want to help build that bridge between the classroom and home so families can work together with our faculty to see that each child's unique needs are met. 


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FOSTERING A THRIVING LEARNING COMMUNITY Open and candid communication between parents, faculty and administration create the foundation for a thriving learning community.

It is with the respect for our individual roles that we can model working and learning together as an avenue for success. 

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A VOICE FOR EVERY LEARNER & EDUCATOR I believe students should feel seen and heard.

Their voices matter, and how they use their voices and knowledge can have profound positive effects.

Our teachers and administration are vital to the health and safety of our schools.

As a part of the school board, I will have an open ear to the needs of our students and faculty. I have the utmost respect for the role education plays in our society and community.

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EQUALITY FOR ALL STUDENTS I am enthusiastic about learning how our educators incorporate a two way road to learning and educating.

Cultural days, professional guests, and community involvement are some of the great things our district is already doing!

Every child should feel welcomed and included into the school community.

I believe diversity should be cherished and embraced in our district.


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